Labor Management

Labor is frequently the most valuable and costly of all small business resources. Including benefits, training, and payroll taxes, labor costs can soar to 75 percent of the operating budget. But very few companies have any idea what return to expect on these investments, and most spend too much time on labor-related administrative work.

Our Labor Management services will help you confidently evaluate and improve labor performance, and spend less time on human resources tasks. Create self-service time tracking systems, automate contractor payments, and plan for future staffing and training needs. We'll help you spend less time counting hours and more time keeping your work force busy and happy.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Simplify administrative tasks
    Automate time tracking and payroll functions to save time, improve accuracy, and resolve disputes. Reliably report billable hours, overtime, vacation time and paycheck amounts.

  • Reduce contractor hassle
    Eliminate paperwork and cross-checking in managing contract workers. Automate time tracking, invoicing and payment.

  • Make educated decisions
    Track employee productivity, identify process bottlenecks, and evaluate the effects of turnover. Confidently assess the value of hiring new employees, training current employees, or automating simple tasks.

Cost and Timeframe

Solutions vary in complexity based on number of employees and functionality requirements. Typical projects are:

  • $8,500 and up
  • 7-20+ weeks

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Ideal For Small Businesses That:

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