Business Intelligence

Put the pieces together Today's business systems generate an enormous amount of data about daily business activities. Companies that use this data to make timely decisions are able to adapt quickly to an evolving marketplace, and have long-term opportunities for sustained growth.

Our Business Intelligence services will create a "dashboard" for your business systems. Automate simple decisions and get data from every department to help you decide what to sell, how much to sell it for, who to sell to, and more. We'll eliminate guesswork and help you confidently chart your company's course for a profitable future.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Adapt on the fly
    Integrate all your business systems to coordinate work processes. When your Customer Relationship Management system forecasts increased demand for a product, your Process Lifecycle Management system adjusts production priorities.

  • Automate the easy decisions
    Create business rules that help your systems think like you. When inventory is low, have purchase orders sent to suppliers automatically.

  • Make complex decisions with confidence
    Calmly make difficult decisions based on data from all your business systems. Know whether last month's revenue was low because of decreased demand or supplier shortages, and respond accordingly.

Cost and Timeframe

Solutions vary in complexity based on the level of system integration required. Typical projects are:

  • $8,500 and up
  • 7-20+ weeks

Get Started

Contact us to get started. We can usually have an analysis in your hands within 10-15 business days.

Ideal For Small Businesses That:

Not Sure What You Need?

Get an Express Analysis without fee or obligation. We can have it in your hands within 10-15 business days. Contact us to get started.

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