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Grapevine Entertainment is teaming up with Innovative Way to bring online the adventures of a 15 year-old Japanese teen who discovers multi-cultural life in America while making new friends.

"There's no question that every young girl or boy will be able to find a reflection of themselves in the fascinating, warm-hearted world of MeMe Yoshida™," said Jacob R. Miles III, president and founder of Grapevine Entertainment Co.

MeMe and My World™ is the interactive website that tells the charming story of MeMe Yoshida, her Emotionals™, her friends, and her world. Through the website, fans can take part in MeMe's story by interacting with her and joining her in making new friends while gossiping about the latest fashions, movies, and trends. Fans will be able to build their own communities and even share in their favorite activity – shopping.

With its expertise in business development, Innovative Way is designing solutions to meet business needs both by helping to develop the online strategy for MeMe and My World and by identifying new ways for MeMe to reach her fans.

"We see opportunities for MeMe and My World to emerge in multiple markets, and we're excited to be on board with Grapevine Entertainment in helping them launch their product," said John Way, president of Innovative Way. "Our ability to provide world-class solutions will help MeMe and My World find continued success."

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