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Unlike some other companies, we value, respect, and listen to our employees, because they are our competitive advantage. We are committed to helping them grow professionally and personally, and we show our commitment through our various employee benefits.

Benefits for our employees

Our benefits for our employees cover four major areas: work/life balance, career growth, health & wellness, and retirement planning.

Work/Life Balance

We do not want work to consume our employees' lives, so we minimize work outside of business hours. Our benefits include:

  • Tenure based variable work schedules:
    • Fixed: 5 x 8
    • Relaxed: 9 x 9, 1 week x 40 (4 hour minimum/day)
    • Flex: 2 weeks x 80 (4 hour minimum/day)
    • Flex Open I: 1 week open
    • Flex Open II: 2 weeks open
    • Open: You create your own schedule
  • 4 weeks PTO given annually (5 weeks after 5 years and 6 weeks after 10 years)
  • Additional PTO can be purchased
  • 10 paid holidays: New Year’s Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • Your birthday off.

Career Growth

We actively nurture our employees' professional and personal growth. Our benefits include:

  • Development of skills needed to lead projects, manage teams, and interact with executives.
  • Experience in working with high traffic, high visibility projects.
  • Education in business principles through group discussion and required reading.
  • Participation in making business decisions.
  • Allowance for professional wardrobe based on role.

Health & Wellness

We want our employees to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. Our benefits include:

  • Excellent coverage for insurance, including: health, dental, vision, disability, and life.
  • Coverage for gym or health club/studio membership.

Retirement Planning

With the greater buying power from living in the Southwest, we encourage our employees to develop a financial plan for their retirement, and we provide them with the necessary education and tools. Our benefits include:

  • Coverage to have regular meetings with a Certified Financial Planner of your choice.
  • Retirement savings plan with company matching contributions.
  • Coverage for variable life insurance premiums.

Currently Seeking

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See What Books We're Reading

We have an organic reading list, put together by our employees, that we feel are critical to career development. See what books are on our reading list.

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